RHOA Season 9 Cast

RHOA Season 9 Cheating Drama Exclusive

Fighting Over Infidelity!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s ninth season is currently filming and we couldn’t be more excited. Recently, we exclusively revealed the season 9 cast (read about that here), and now we have more exclusive information to report. According to a source we spoke to, a cheating scandal has erupted during the filming of the new season! What do we mean? Read on for details.

RHOA Season 9 Cheating Drama Exclusive

According to the insider we spoke to, “One of the cast members revealed that another cast member was cheating on her husband.”


As can be expected, this caused quite the stir and drama.

While we have been provided with names of who revealed the alleged cheating, who was allegedly said to cheat, and who they were said to allegedly have cheated with, we have decided to keep this as a blind item for the time being.

Regardless, it definitely sounds like this season of RHOA is going to bring the fireworks based on this incident alone.

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