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Matt Baier’s Son Did NOT Ditch Pregnant Girlfriend Exclusive

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This week, a story began circulating that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood’s fiance Matt Baier’s son, Christopher, had moved in with Amber and Matt. Specifically, the story claimed that Christopher had ditched his girlfriend once he found out she was pregnant, thus fleeing to Matt and Ambers. It also claimed Matt and Amber welcomed Christopher with open arms due to his drug addiction problem in order to help him and make their public image better. This morning, we spoke exclusively to Christopher’s pregnant ex-Girlfriend, Madonna, and she had some very interesting things to say in response to these rumors. Read on for details.

Matt Baier Son Did Not Ditch Pregnant Girlfriend Exclusive

Madonna exclusively told us that, “When Christopher left, he left to go get help with his drug addiction. We had no idea I was pregnant until he was already gone for four or five days.”

“Christopher was the first person I told when I found out I was pregnant,” Madonna continued. “He was excited but at the same time he’s in Indiana with Matt and Amber trying to get help with his addiction. He’s better off where he’s at right now then trying to come back here and still struggle with addiction and possibly relapse again.”

Madonna again reiterated that, “Christopher did leave but he did not have any idea that I was pregnant. I did not have any idea at that point, either.”

“I want Christopher to get better for himself,” she added, “and for our child. Both of us are working on ourselves right now. I hope that he can get sober totally and be in our child’s life.”

Madonna also clarified another thing the press has gotten wrong. In many stories that have surfaced, the press claimed Matt and Christopher did not have a relationship. Madonna explained that, “The whole thing that the press tried to say that Chris called up Matt out of nowhere and Matt flew him out is not true. We talked to Matt and Amber almost every day at least once a day. There absolutely was a relationship between Christopher and Matt, contrary to what the press has tried to purport.”

He went to get help with his drug addiction,” she further elaborated. “He has a job now and he is doing good where he’s at. When we have our kid, we will figure out what to do. I don’t want him to come back here and relapse.”

Madonna also wrapped with telling us that, “Matt and Amber absolutely did not do this to ‘improve their public image’ as the articles have tried to say. Christopher seriously needed help, he had a relationship with Matt and Amber, and he approached them during his time of need. They graciously opened up their home to him to help and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.”

We appreciate Madonna speaking to us and setting the record straight.

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