Teresa Giudice Parole

Joe Puts Teresa’s Parole In Danger?

Endangering Her Parole?

On this coming Monday’s (yes- this week it’s changed to Monday for one week) episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we will see Teresa Giudice celebrating the release of her book Turning The Tables. On the way to the party, though, her husband Joe Giudice gets a phone call from a guest he invited that could potentially put Teresa’s parole in danger. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice Parole In Danger From Husband

When in the limo on the way to the party, Joe gets a call from a friend. Teresa also gets a call at the same time from her attorney.

“Hey pal, how are you?” Joe asks his friend. “No, no, no. You’re in. Absolutely. Don’t mess that up. Don’t worry about that.”

Teresa then tells to Joe while on the phone to say, “Joe, he [your friend] came with somebody underage. You can’t have somebody underage there. You have to be 21… That’s why Gia‘s not here.”

That’s why they didn’t let Gia come?” he questions. “Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“You never told me,” she responds. “I didn’t know.”

He said no,” Teresa re-affirms to Joe of what her attorney said.”It’s the law.”

Whose law?” Joe questions again, before telling his friend, “I’ll see whatever we can do. When I get there, we’ll figure it out.”

No, you can’t,” Teresa insists.

“Also,” Teresa says in her confessional, “my attorney… found out he’s a felon. One of the rules the tI have to follow is that I can’t be around other felons.”

Go to the door and see what happens. I’ll talk to you later” Joe tells his friend.

Do you know what the law means?” Teresa asks her husband.

I would never jeopardize you, my love,” Joe insists. “I love you.”

Here is the clip:

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