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Briana’s Husband’s Matt’s Texts To Transgender Model Revealed

Dirty Texts!

Earlier this year, we reported that Little Women LA star Briana Renee‘s husband, Matt Ericson, had been caught in a new sexting scandal involving transgender model Plastic Martyr (read more about that here). With the mid-season trailer that aired last week after the episode, viewers saw that we are soon going to see Plastic Martyr make an appearance and learn more about what went down between her and Matt. Since the sexts Matt reportedly sent her had been discussed earlier this season, we were curious about what the contents of those messages were. Various insiders have exclusively reported to us what was contained within those messages. Read on for details.

Matt Ericson Plastic Martyr Sext Contents Revealed Exclusive

According to what insiders told us,”Matt reached out to Plastic Martyr, claiming he had seen her with Briana in the press and found her to be beautifulHe also asked him to meet with her and was very specific that he wanted the meeting to be alone/without Briana.”

Fortunately for Briana, our sources confirmed that, “Plastic turned him down and said she would never betray Briana in that manner.”

However, Ericsson’s pursuit and messages didn’t stop there, as our insiders went on to detail that, “Matt then told her he had a transgender fetish and then proceeded to send nude photos.”

“He also said things like ‘Briana is not that adventurous in bed’ and he ‘always wanted to be with a girl like Plastic,'” our insiders added.

Our tipsters also informed us that Ericson ended up deleting Instagram which made the messages disappear so there is no record of them.

We did reach out to Plastic Martyr for a comment and she told us, “You’ll just have to watch and see what happens.”

This will definitely be interesting to see play out as this season of Little Women LA progresses.

Tell us- what do you think of what the content of the messages was? Sound off in the comments below.

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