Susie McLean Talks Joining The Melbourne Housewives, Drama With Lydia, & More! EXCLUSIVE


The Real Housewives of Melbourne is in the middle of airing the show’s dramatic third season here in the United States and we are hooked! This season has so many twists and turns that you never know what to expect! This season, a new Melbourne Housewife joined the ladies and she definitely brought the drama from the very first episode. Susie McLean is a mother of two young men who is focusing on herself after her recent divorce. We fell in love with Susie the moment we saw her this season and we thought we should catch up with her to get the scoop on all the drama from the season. What did she Susie have to tell us?


The perfect housewife has genuine connections with the other ladies prior to joining the show and Susie definitely had that going for her. “I actually have a lot of history with the girls. I’ve known Gina for about 12 years, Chyka for more than 20 years, Janet for about 10 years, and Lydia for over 30 years. I’ve known her since about 15 or 16 years of age… so that’s a long history”, Susie told us. Out of all of the ladies, Susie told us that she’s closest to Chyka and there is a genuine connection there that viewers definitely pick up on.


Even though Susie is very close to a lot of the ladies, she definitely has the longest history with Lydia, knowing her since the age of 16. Susie exclusively told us that, “I’ve never really been friends with her… I mean I find her great fun when i’m out with her, but my attitude towards friendships and hers are worlds apart. Many years ago, Lydia was sort of concentrating on becoming friends with my sister-in-law who is very connected socially in Melbourne. This was around the time of my divorce and a lot of rumors were being spread about me by Lydia, and they came directly back to me by my ex-husband who had heard it from his sister. That caused a lot of tension at the time, but I distanced myself from her and I just didn’t trust her. Then when I came onto the show, these issues started to arise again and it certainly created a lot of tension. It also didn’t help that before I came on the show, a few people had heard I was going to be cast and a mutually friend told me that Lydia said she was going to tear me apart. As you can imagine, it’s a very tense environment.”


Even though all of this happened years ago, this is all still very fresh in Susie’s mind… but on the show, it seems as though Lydia had forgotten all about their past. Lydia stated on the show that she never knew Susie’s ex-husband and stated that she barely knew Susie as well. “She knew my ex-husband very well and she even came to our wedding. It’s really a pathetic attempt to try to cover up what really happened”, McLean told us.


Susie not only had a lot of drama with Lydia, but she also had some drama with her co-star Gamble Breaux. Regarding the drama with Gamble she told us, “She asked me for my advice on Lydia and I gave it to her straight, and in the end she turned around and told Lydia. She should have kept it to herself, but she didn’t.”


Susie is now officially a housewife forever and she couldn’t be happier with her decision to join the show. Susie is actually a big fan of a few of the Housewives franchise as a whole and has a lot of love for her fellow Housewives in the United States. “I watch Beverly Hills and New York… i’ve been watching those since the very first season. I think my choice for my favorite housewives overall would be Sonja and Bethenny. With Sonja, you’re always on the edge because you just never really know where she’s gonna go and Bethenny is just very entertaining to watch”, Susie shared with us.


We absolutely loved chatting with our new friend down under, and we wish her the best of luck in whatever she decides to do next in her life.


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