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Dina Ruined Lauren’s Wedding? Exclusive

Family Feud Revealed!

Last night on Watch What Happens LiveCaroline Manzo revealed that her relationship with her sister Dina Manzo “is over” which led to Dina going on a crazy Twitter rant (read more about that here). Fans were obviously surprised, since the last we had heard they made up. We have exclusively learned from multiple sources today why Caroline is done with Dina! Read on for details.

Dina Manzo Caroline Manzo Laurens Wedding Drama Exclusive

“There was a major scene caused at Lauren‘s wedding involving Dina,” our sources told us.

According to them, “After Lauren’s ceremony, a fight broke out because Dina brought her new boyfriend to the wedding reception venue, which was disrespectful as Dina was not divorced from her husband at the time AND her husband owns the venue (the Brownstone) where Lauren’s wedding was.”

“Things got so bad,” one insider detailed, “that Caroline’s son Chris tried to break it up and ended up getting shoved by Caroline’s Dad.”

“Due to this,” our sources wrapped with telling us, “Caroline is not currently speaking to her parents or to Dina. Dina can try to twist it to look however she wants, but the facts are the facts. Dina is a demon who wrecked her family and her relationships with them and turned her parents against everybody.”

It should also be noted that we were told that Caroline tried innumerable times to make up with Dina when the pair started having issues and Dina was resistant to making up.

From personal experience, we can share that we have experienced the wrath of Dina and that she definitely gets angered when she looks bad/when the truth is exposed. As much as she wants the public to think she’s a zenful, peaceful woman, it seems to us from this story- and from others reported- that could not be further from the truth.

UPDATE: According to an All About The Tea story from last year, “A group of Brownstone employees followed Dina’s man out of the Brownstone, where they jumped him and pummeled him.” We have done further investigation on this and have been told that her boyfriend was indeed jumped on the day of the wedding, but it was not outside of the Brownstone and had nothing to do with Lauren’s wedding. The family fight, however, was outside the Brownstone.

Update 2: Dina has responded to the story with the following tweet:Dina Manzo Caroline Manzo

To be clear, we did not say that her boyfriend was in attendance at the ceremony/church. We were told he was not present at the church, aside from dropping her off and picking her up. We did hear that he showed up with her to the reception, which was at the Brownstone, and there was an issue- which occurred outside of the venue- which is why she didn’t stay. Also, to her claiming she always “ignored me” that is not true, as we used to speak to her and her assistant until she got angry when we did not side with her during season six. 

Update 3: Dina has claimed he was not at the reception, either.

Update 4: We have been informed Dina’s boyfriend did not make it inside the reception. We have been told he got jumped in between the church ceremony and the reception. When he arrived with Dina at the reception, all of the drama took place outside.

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