Ryan Lochte DWTS

Ryan Lochte Stormed On DWTS Stage

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As we recently reported, Dancing With The Stars decided to add controversial olympian Ryan Lochte to the cast (read about that here). Tonight, a controversial situation emerged during the live airing of the show. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Ryan Lochte DWTS Stormed On Stage

During his critique by Carrie Ann Inaba, an awkward situation went down. Specifically, Inaba was busy talking about Lochte and how the ballroom was a place for second chances when someone stormed the stage! 

“Scuse me,” Inaba yelled at the stage rusher. “Hey, back off!” She continued trying to get the person off the stage and then the show awkwardly cut to commercial after fans saw the person and security flashing on the screen. 

When the show came back, shot Tom Bergeron said,”We had to go to break because we had a little incident. I would like to personally thank our security team for staying in shape. You okay guys? Ryan, how you doing?”

Lochte, who was clearly shaken up said, “I’m doing good.

Bergeron then said, “When there’s that kind of strong emotion, what does that make you feel?”

Lochte responded that, “Uh, so many feelings are going through my head right now. A little hurt, but you know I came out here and I wanted to do something. I’m completely not comfortable with and I did and I have the best dance partner.”

A journalist from ABC news posted the following to Twitter following the incident and it’s being reported they threw something at Lochte:

Ryan Lochte DWTS

Stay tuned for more updates!

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