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Why Tiffany Hendra Isn’t Returning To RHOD Exclusive

Reason Revealed!

Yesterday, we were saddened to have to exclusively report that Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra will not be returning to the show (read that report here). Now, we have exclusive information on why she won’t be returning. Read on for details.

Tiffany Hendra RHOD Departure Reasons Revealed Exclusive

An insider explained to us that, “Tiffany decided to walk away from the show.”

She wasn’t fired,” they continued.

So what made Hendra decide to leave?

The show was very consuming of her time,” our source explained, “and she has other projects she is working on.”

“In addition,” the insider added, “Tiffany did not want to be a part of the nastiness going on with the cast right now behind the scenes, which she is sure is going to be a topic that will consume the second season.”

While our source didn’t directly state what the nastiness was that Hendra didn’t want to be involved with, we assume it is the current feud going on between two former RHOD BFF’s (read about that here).


Tiffany’s focusing on her brand,” our source wrapped with telling us, “and that’s truly where her passion lies.”

We remain saddened Hendra won’t be returning, but wish her the best in her future endeavors.

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