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MAFS Nick Has Meltdown, Screaming He Thinks Wife Unattractive

MAFS Meltdown!

The new season of Married At First Sight is well underway at this point. While two of the cast members shockingly decided to part ways last night, things seem to be going decently well for Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. Aside from not having consumated their marriage yet, things seem to be going mostly well for the couple. That is until next week, when Pendergrast reaches his breaking point. What do we mean?

Nick Pendergrast MAFS Meltdown Over Wife

From a preview clip that was released after the show last night, Granados clearly tells Pendergrast he needs to open up. This is something she’s been saying all along- that she wishes he would open up more to her.

It seems it finally strikes a nerve in Pendergrast, as he raises his voice at her, saying, “You keep saying the same thing over and over and over and over again. Open up. Open up. How the f**k do I open up? How do I open up? Don’t even use the word open up to me again.”

He then is seen speaking to the camera and, much to the surprise of viewers, shockingly says, “I don’t like her. That’s opening up. I can’t open up any more than that.”

He doesn’t stop there, though, as he goes on to add that, “I don’t think she’s attractive and I’m not attracted to her. And that is me opening up to the fullest f***ing extent.”

Granados took to Twitter last night after the clip aired on TV, tweeting that, “Yikes that preview .”

While we hope they can recover from this as we like them together, one thing is for certain- next week is bound to be quite the episode.

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