Caroline Manzo Cancer

Caroline Manzo Opens Up On Cancer Scare

Scary Situation!

When the trailer for this season of Manzo’d With Children was released, Caroline Manzo revealed a lump had been found on her breast (read about that here). While we exclusively reported she did not have cancer (read about that here), Manzo recently opened up to The Daily Dish about the cancer scare. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Caroline Manzo Cancer Scare Details

Manzo detailed how she found the lump back in April of this year when she also had broken her foot. “It was a terrifying few months that made me think, ‘I’m too frickin’ young to die,'” she revealed.

“You say to yourself, ‘Well, if this is God’s will, then it’s God’s will,'” she continued. “You’re helpless. That’s the worst part, just feeling absolutely helpless and just saying, ‘OK, I just got to roll with this and see where it’s gonna take me.'”

Manzo went on to reveal how doctors found out during an ultrasound her lump had shrunk and luckily she was okay.

“”Thank you, God, I’m fine,” she stated. “It took about [the] beginning of April to the beginning of July, so [a few] months, before we got the all clear that the lump is gone. So it was a crazy infection that pretty much stumped the doctors.”

She also revealed why she decided to share this with the viewers, telling The Daily Dish that, “I wanted to put it out there because I think it’s very, very important that this lump I discovered on my own because it was painful and that I felt it. You could just feel it. But when I went for a mammogram, the mammogram did not pick it up; the ultrasound did. And so many women go and just get a mammogram and think they’re OK. And that’s why I put it out there, because I want to be able to say, ‘No, a mammogram is not enough. Get an ultrasound. It could save your life.'”

“For me, it was an exception,” Manzo wrapped with saying. “For a lot of other women, they’re not that lucky, and I know I’m lucky. Every second, I say thank you.”

We applaud Manzo for sharing her story, as we always feel that when people in the limelight share their experiences with health issues it raises more awareness.

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