Kim D- Some People On The Show Are Being Phony Exclusive

Kim D Speaks Out!

As we have seen in the trailer for the rest of the season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fan favorite Kim DePaola will be making her return to the show. We recently caught up with DePaola who exclusively dished on the show and her thoughts on Melissa GorgaTeresa Giudice, and Jacqueline Laurita. Read on to see what she had to say.

Kim D RHONJ Some People Being Phony Exclusive

We first asked DePaola on how she got back in the RHONJ fold and she told us that, “They wanted me to take off the masks because they felt that some people on the show were being phony. They knew I would come on and tell the truth so they approached me and I agreed.”

Although she claimed in our interview that Gorga is “insignificant” to her, DePaola does place some blame on Gorga for straining her relationship with Giudice.

The friendship with Teresa is strained due to Melissa and her opening the store,” she dished, adding that, “Teresa is being emotionally blackmailed by Melissa.”

DePaola further explained her statement, detailing that, “What I specifically mean by emotional blackmailing is I believe in my heart that Melissa and Joe won’t let Teresa be friends with me or promote my store. If Teresa does, I personally believe Melissa and Joe threaten her– whether directly or indirectly- that there will be problems in their family.”

DePaola also dished on Laurita who she is close friends with, telling us that, “I think Jacquline can fend for herself. She is very good at defending herself. She doesn’t need a cheerleader and it doesn’t matter what anyone does to her because she has tough skin.”

In terms of what we’ll see the rest of the season, DePaola revealed that, “You will see a lot of Posche and the fashion shows that I put on each year. You will also see me validating the truth to these women and the true authentic friendships that I share with Jacqueline, Siggy, and Dolores.”

DePaola wrapped with telling us she would be interested in a full time spot on the show and to “be ready to keep an eye on Posche and more of me in the media, TV, and more.”

DePaola also wanted to make our readers aware she is doing an Instagram giveaway:

Kim D Melissa

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