Justin Roisum Finding Prince Charming

Exclusive Q&A with Justin Roisom from Logo’s “Finding Prince Charming”

The Bachelor is one of the most popular dating shows on television and has been captivating viewers for many seasons now. Unfortunately though, The Bachelor is set up to where they only allow straight men and women to be on the show. For years, the LGBT community has been looking for a show that focused on same-sex couples and now everyone’s wishes have been granted! Lance Bass is the host of a brand new show that has been called the “Gay Bachelor” and we’re loving it! The show is entitled, Finding Prince Charming, which follows 13 gorgeous suitors all living in one house competing to win the heart of amazing guy. Each week, Prince Charming eliminates a few suitors in the effort to find the man of his dream. It’s an amazing show and we got the chance to talk with one of the suitors from the show, Justin Roisom from Seattle, Washington. Justin is a 29 year old project model and model that is ready to find love and try something new in his life! Check out our exclusive Q&A with Justin below!


Q: Why did you decide to join the show?

A: “Honestly, it just kind of happened! I didn’t have an intention or a plan to do such things, but the opportunity fell in my lap and i’m definitely a person that likes to takes risks and try new things. So, why not go on a reality show and put my heart on the line!”


Q: When you entered the house, you had no idea who the “Prince Charming” was… what were you thinking when you met all of the guys?

A: “It’s actually really funny that you ask that and it’s really funny how it ended up happening. When I came into the house I was thinking that it would be really funny if they put us all in the same room and we had to guess who the prince charming was. As it was happening I had no idea, but in the back of my mind I kept thinking not to hit on my roommates and to just make small talk and get to know everyone. Eventually the cards were revealed and Robert was Prince Charming!”


Q: When Robert revealed himself, what did you think?

A: “There was some chatter going around and guys telling Robert that they thought he was the prince charming, but when it was actually revealed it was kind of crazy that they really did just stick us in a room all together, but it was awesome!”


Q: Did you know any of the guys previously?

A: “I actually didn’t! I feel like i’m one of the only ones that didn’t already know someone in the house. It’s a small gay world, and I’m actually surprised that I didn’t already know someone.”


Q: When the drama started and Sam & Robbie started arguing, what was your reaction?

A: “Well if you watch the scene closely, you see me get up and leave the room, so I was actually not there for it. I could see it happening and I did not want to be involved. I was surprised watching it since I wasn’t there for the actual argument. I just thought it was kind of petty, to be honest.”


Q: How were you feeling during the elimination?

A: “It’s a wild ride because everything seems to happen so quickly while you’re in the house. We had a pool party where it almost felt like speed dating where everyone was pulling Robert outside and you get one chance to make an impression. To be honest, I didn’t feel that positive coming out of the pool party that I had made a lasting impression. The only thing going through my head at the elimination was if I did enough to stand out and get him to remember me. You’re standing there and you feel like you want to throw up because you don’t know what’s happening and if he’s going to keep you around. We didn’t know what symbol he was going to use like with the ties, and you’re standing there with all of these handsome guys and you’re wondering how you’re even going to stand out.”


Q: A lot of people have questioned why a tie is used as the symbol instead of a rose or something else. Can you explain why the tie is used on the show?

A: “How Lance explained to us is that it’s a symbol of a connection. That tie is tied around your neck and if a connection is lost that tie can be taken away.”


Q: What can viewers expect this season?

A: “I think people are in for a really good ride. There’s a lot of drama, a lot of great friendships made in the house, a lot of fun dates that the guys get to go on, and there’s also a lot of topics that come up in everyday gay life that gay men might relate to and just very interesting things that are brought up. I think it will really shed light about what it’s like to live as a gay man and date as a gay man. I think it’s a really positive thing and i’m so happy to be a part of it!”


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