Brandi Redmond Stephanie Hollman Feud

RHOD Feud Still Big and Going On Exclusive


Feud Still Ongoing!

Recently, we reported that The Real Housewives of Dallas cast had a major feud going on between former BFF’s Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman (read about that here). While both have recently tried downplaying the feud on social media, a source close to the situation claims the feud is still alive and very real. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Brandi Redmond Stephanie Hollman Feud Still Big Exclusive

“The feud between the two women is definitely alive and real,” a source close to the situation dished to us.
“Regardless of what they put on social media,” the insider continued, “the two women are definitely having major issues right now. And this goes far beyond what the media has covered thus far.”
“While one would hope this improves,” the source wrapped with telling us, “the things going on are really bad and a resolution doesn’t seem to be coming anytime soon.”
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