Kelly Dodd Threatens Tamra- I’ll Contact Simon!

Say What?

Tonight, a new Real Housewives of Orange County episode is airing on Bravo, but fans have had all eyes on Twitter from early this morning when a Twitter exchange took place that raised eyebrows. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Kelly Dodd Tamra I’ll Contact Simon

Yesterday, a fan of the show tweeted Dodd about a story that was featured on another website where text messages between Judge and a woman who was formerly friends with Dodd. It should be noted that this person had written on cast member’s social media and tried to contact them prior to Judge speaking with her.

While Dodd could have approached Judge to discuss the story or responded to the story directly, she took a different approach with tweeting out, “the girl (who Tamra spoke to) is a whack job that is relentless b/c she is jealous!”

While Dodd could have stopped there, she addd, “And Tamra that’s just low. Maybe I should contact Simon & Sidney!

Judge, who always stands up for herself as she should, wrote back this morning with a tweet that said, “you know exactly what you did for the cast to wonder. Don’t play innocent. #keepwatching #mybackyardisclean.”

Here is the exchange:

Kelly Dodd Tamra

Later today, when a fan asked Judge about Dodd, claiming she thought they were friends, Judge responded to “keep watching.”

Here is that exchange:

Kelly Dodd Tamra

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