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Derek From MAFS Talks Divorce Exclusive

Dishing On The Divorce!

Last week, Married At First Sight fans were shocked when Heather Seidel announced she wanted to get divorced from Derek Schwartz after only being married for approximately two weeks. We caught up with Schwartz this week exclusively to talk about the divorce and last week’s reveal. What did he have to tell us? Read on for details.

Derek MAFS Divorce Exclusive Conversation

On hearing Seidel say she wanted to end their brief marriage, Schwartz told us that, “Although I was pretty much expecting it, hearing Heather say she wanted to end the marriage was still difficult.

We both had our part in what went wrong with our marriage,” he continued, talking more about his failed marriage. “Looking back, I feel like the biggest issue we had was a lack of communication.”
When asked what he learned from this experience that he could take to his next relationship, Schwartz revealed that, “I have learned that the ability to talk with your spouse or partner is the most important thing. You have to be able to tell each other how you feel, and be able to work together towards resolutions and compromise. In the future, I want to be with someone who is as willing to work on our communication as I am.”
So is Schwartz seeing anyone currently? Not yet, as he told us that, “I have not began dating since our divorce because if anyone saw me out on a date it could have potentially spoiled the show for those who did not yet know we ended up in divorce.”
Regardless of what he’s been through, though, Schwartz claimed he would get Married At First Sight again, dishing that, “I would definitely put my trust in the experts again. I think they have a better understanding of who I am now that we have spent more time together and they would have an idea of who might make a better match next time.”
We adore Schwartz and know the right partner is out there for him and wish him much luck in finding her.
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