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Kathy Wakile Addressing Teresa Negativity With Positivity


On the last episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw Kathy Wakile and Rosie Pierri sit down with Teresa Giudice to try to hash out their issues. While we’ve already exclusively reported how Wakile and Pierri tried to settle this off camera (read about that here), when Giudice didn’t respond they tried to deal with it on camera. Now that we saw Giudice claim she wants no relationship with Wakile, what have Wakile and Giudice been saying? Read on for details.

Kathy Wakile Teresa Negativity Addressed With Positivity

Fans looking at Giudice’s Twitter on Sunday night saw that, after the episode, she posted the Warner Brothers “That’s All Folks.” Clearly, this was a dig at Wakile and Pierri. This, coupled with Giudice saying to her brother “Les get this over with,” was a a direct message proving that Giudice has always wanted them off the show (read more about that here).
When looking at Wakile’s timeline, by comparison, you didn’t see anything negative. Rather, Wakile only re-tweeted positive things and didn’t seem to feed into the negativity.
Without taking sides, this has to lead one to question who is really the negative one here. If Wakile really wanted to, she could have tweeted about the situation in a negative manner and people definitely would have paid attention. Rather, Wakile handled it in a mature fashion and stayed positive.
We did reach out to Wakile for comment but she did not provide one.
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