Shannon Beador Mother In Law

Shannon Beador Mother In Law Comment Was Planned!

Planned Attack!

Last night on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we watched Shannon Beador host what was supposed to be a fun evening for her daughters’s band making their debut performance in a restaurant/bar. Sadly, the fun evening got soured when Beador’s mother-in-law made a comment to Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd about how Beador pushed her husband to an affair. Now, Beador has taken to social media to expose that the unjustified comment made by her mother-in-law was pre-plane! Read on for details.

Shannon Beador Mother In Law Comment Planned

Beador took to Twitter to share that her “Kids cut off in car home. Told us their grandmother went up to each of them saying ‘no matter what happens tonight I love you’ #planned #RHOC.”

Here is a copy of the tweet:

Shannon Beador Mother In Law

Beador also shared an Instagram post of a comment someone left her, claiming they’d seen her mother-in-law out and about talking negatively about her:

Shannon Beador Mother In Law

We truly felt bad for Beador watching last night’s episode. Regardless of how her mother-in-law feels (and might we note her mother-in-law’s opinion, to us, was disgusting), she should never, ever have said that to anyone.

It’s also sad that based on what Beador’s children said, she clearly pre-planned to do this on a night that should have been about Beador’s kids.

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