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LeeAnne Locken Did NOT Chase Ex Boyfriend With Knife Exclusive

Not True!

This past Friday, a new story was released claiming that Real Housewives of Dallas star LeeAnne Locken had a history of violence that preceded the show. Specifically, the story claimed she had chased an ex-boyfirend around the house with a knife and attached a police report he filed against her. We spoke exclusively to a friend of Locken’s to find out the details surrounding this- and there’s an interesting piece that wasn’t shared. Read on to find out.

LeeAnne Locken Boyfriend Chased With Knife Not True Exclusive

According to Locken’s friend, we were exclusively informed that, “LeeAnne is always painted to be the ‘bad girl’ and this story was no different.”

“In fact,” they continued, “the story conveniently neglected to mention that the police report was dropped the next day.

Her friend further elaborated, explaining that, “While her ex-boyfriend couldn’t say he lied as lying to the police is a felony, he went down and signed an affidavit of non-prosecution. This means he didn’t have to admit he lied, but he just said he wasn’t going to prosecute.”

“If he didn’t lie and LeeAnne really had done this,” they added, “he clearly would have pressed charges against her.”

Locken’s friend also explained why her ex-boyfriend was motivated to do this, explaining that, “He was in the middle of stealing stuff from LeeAnne’s house and she left and said she wanted him out of her house when she returned. He left and knew that if he took anything of LeeAnne’s she would have filed a police report, so he made a false police report.

Interestingly enough, friend of The Real Housewives of Dallas Marie Reyes– who previously claimed Locken threatened to kill her (read about that here)- has blogged about the incident in the last few days. The timing definitely seems suspect for Reyes to do so, as negotiations for casting are still underway and Reyes announced she won’t be returning.

This is also odd as Reyes recently noted in her Podcast how much she still loves LeeAnne.

LeeAnne is extremely saddened by Marie’s actions and that she’d stoop to this level to try to make her look bad,” her friend added of Reyes talking about this.

Locken, on the other hand, is expected to return from what we have heard. The only way we couldn’t see Locken returning is if she decided to leave the show on her own accord, as the majority of the first season revolved around her.

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