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Teresa Brought Robyn On To Confront Jacqueline? Exclusive

Brought On For A Reason?

Last night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we finally saw the explosive Vermont trip play out that we gave exclusive coverage on earlier this year (read about that here). On the episode, Robyn Levy, a friend of Teresa Giudice’s, got into it with Jacqueline Laurita, claiming she was going to “rage on her ass” after Laurita claimed Levy was one of Giudice’s “soldiers.” While Giudice and Levy claim Levy is not a soldier for Giudice- AKA someone who was brought on to do Giudice’s dirty work- the question still lingers of if she was brought on to confront Laurita. So was she or wasn’t she?

Teresa Robyn Brought On To Confront Jacqueline Exclusive

While Giudice and Levy denied it in the episode, Giudice interestingly told E! News
 this week in an interview about Vermont that, “I bring friends on the show that have issues with some of the other Housewives on the show.”
While Giudice isn[t saying she brought Levy on to confront Laurita, she is indeed admitting she brought her on the show.
What’s also interesting is that, while Giudice did hang out with Levy and her wife on New Year’s Eve (read more about that here), we have heard talk around town that Giudice told people Levy and her wife were “Joe’s friends” and that they haven’t spoken much since filming wrapped. 
While Giudice and Levy are sticking to their stories that Levy is not one of her soldiers, the comment Giudice made to the press along with the “talk around town” are definitely interesting nonetheless.
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