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Kim D- Derek Zagami Was Fired From Envy Exclusive

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The other night on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw Kim DePaola return to the show. When she returned, she informed the women that Derek Zagami, the manager of Melissa Gorga’s Envy Boutique was someone who had badmouthed Teresa Giudice in the past with internet videos. What’s more is that DePaola shared that Zagami had taken video footage of Giudice taking cash for books at the Posche Fashion show after she had legal issues, and then he sold the story to a tabloid.

Derek Zagami Envy Boutique Fired Exclusive

While Gorga denied the claims, interestingly enough, this week, Zagami announced he was leaving Envy.
“Today I am announcing I will no longer be working as the Store Manager at Envy by Melissa Gorga,” Zagami announced in a Facebook post. “I have decided to move on in my career. Building Envy with Melissa & Jackie was an incredible experience, I wish Envy and the team behind the scenes who make it happen nothing but success on the journey! I would also like to thank all of the clients & friends I have made while managing the store, you all have a special place in my heart. You ask what’s next? Stayed Tuned…”

We spoke exclusively to DePaola today who told us that, “This could not be further from the truth. Derek was fired from Envy because he was talking shit about Melissa to Jackie, the other owner, and about Jackie to Melissa. Things are not well over there. There’s a lot of fighting going on and Derek was playing both sides to the coin. Derek was making up a lot of stories to Melissa about Jackie and a lot of stories to Jackie about Melissa. He had them not trusting each other. He is a really bad kid starting a lot of trouble. And they got rid of him because of it.”

“He clearly wanted to be on Real Housewives,” DePaola added as to why he wanted to work at Envy so badly.

“What’s more,” DePaola continued, “is that he admitted to Jackie he sold that story that I brought up the other night on the show. Melissa is a liar. She knows too. She knew all along because Melissa told him to take his Derek Z Show videos down, including the ones where he was standing in front of Danbury the night Teresa went into prison and he was mocking her.”

“I’ll sit here and take my accolades,” DePaola wrapped with telling us “because I don’t lie. Melissa, on the other hand, does lie.The fact that he got fired just further proves everything I said all along was true. There will be more coming, trust me. Make sure to stay tuned.”

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