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Farrah’s Dad Responds To Claims Simon Is Pimping Farrah

Shameful Story!

Yesterday, a report surfaced claiming Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was potentially being pimped out by her on-again-off-again boyfriend Simon Saran. While Saran exclusively responded to the story with us (read about that here), today Abraham’s Dad, Michael, also gave us his response. What did he have to tell us? Read on for details.

Farrahs Dad Responds To Simon Pimping Farrah Story

“Shame on this publication and their staff,” Michael exclusively told us.

“You know their actions are just to the point of  ‘crossing the legal line’ regarding personal slander about my family members and thats just plain wrong,” he continued.

“As a family we all have been working hard this year and I’m very proud of Farrah and Sophia!” he elaborated. “Farrah has been so busy being an excellent mother for Sophia with school, dance class, cheerleading and all our many family actives, opening three retail store concepts – Froco Frozen Yogurt, FURNISHED By Farrah, and Sophia Laurent children’s Boutique, managing her other businesses in real estate, her many product endorsements, her TV filming work (Teen Mom OG, Millionaire Matchmaker, etc.) and a few movie roles.”

“If any fool keeps up with Farrah they plainly see that Farrah is working hard to invest in a positive ways so to make a living for both her and Sophia and NO its not in the adult industry,” he added. “We have moved on so world, move on too!”

Michael also addressed Simon’s comments on social media, telling us that, “As for Simon’s social media comments… ‘Run it like a business, treat it like a business, be the business. No emotion involved. It’s just business?’ All I can say is after having my own business consulting business for 16 years and provide consulting to hundreds of businesses Simon’s words are excellent business advice and I’ll debate anyone that thinks its not!”

As always, we appreciate Michael sharing his stance on things with us.

Tell us- what do YOU think about what he said? Sound off in the comments below.

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