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Jacqueline and Melissa Face Off In Explosive Fight

Explosive Fight!

While the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was taping, we had exclusively reported something that shocked us. Specifically, we covered how Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita were no longer friends (read about that here). This coming week, we will see part two of the Vermont cast trip, and it seems like we will see an explosive fight that led to their friendship falling apart. Want details?

Jacqueline Laurita Melissa Gorga Explosive Fight

In a clip that Bravo aired on Watch What Happens Live from next week’s episode, Laurita asks Gorga about the time the rumors were going around that Gorga was a stripper.

“When I found out, did I tell you?” Laurita asks Gorga.

Hold on,” Gorga responds. “Give me a… Jac.”
Did I warn you or not?” Laurita further presses.
“I can’t think straight! You’re screaming at me!” Gorga responds. “You’re giving me eyes like you’re ready to kill.
“Because you’re so full of f**king s**t right now,” Laurita answers back.
“What’s wrong with you?” Gorga questions.
“You!” Laurita comes back with. “You! You’re a fake phony bitch
Go f**k yourself,” Gorga retorts with, then asking, “What did I do to you?”
“You wouldn’t answer me, I’m not answering you,” Laurita responds. “You fake phony bitch. Your four nose jobs!”
“I don’t like how you’re getting in her face like that, cause I feel threatened right now,” Teresa Giudice suddenly states, getting involved in the argument.
“I don’t want you to feel threatened,” Laurita sarcastically responds.
Then, she yells at Giudice that she’s a “f**king criminal.”
Want to see the explosive preview of the fight?
Here it is:

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