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Kim D- Jacqueline Had Nothing To Do With Strippergate Exclusive

Nothing To Do With It!

This morning, we covered how Melissa Gorga had implied Jacqueline Laurita had something to do with strippergate but that wasn’t the case (read about that here). Now, Kim DePaola AKA Kim D has gone on record with us to back the fact that Jacqueline had nothing to do with it! Read on for details.

Kim D Strippergate Did Not Involve Jacqueline Exclusive

Kim D exclusively told us that, “Teresa hated Melissa. Melissa hated Teresa. Melissa came on show to take Teresa down. That’s how it all started. They can all deny it if they want, but that is what happened. Melissa back footed Teresa and came on behind her back.”

“In my opinion, Melissa lies and has been caught in lies many times,” Kim D continued. “To be clear once and for all- Jacqueline has – and had – zero to do with strippergate period.”

So why is it being said now that Jacqueline may have?

“Melissa is kissing Teresa’s ass by saying that to stay relevant,” Kim D  told us, giving us her thoughts on the situation.

Kim D wrapped with telling us that, “Melissa lies and has been caught in lies. I love when Melissa continues because the more she lies, the more I will continue to call her out.”

Whoa! Those are definitely some pretty intense claims from Kim!

What’s for certain, though, is that it’s clear from what Kim said Jacqueline had nothing to do with strippergate, just as we said this morning.

Tell us- what are your thoughts on what Kim D said? Sound off in the comments below.

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