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Melissa Falsely Accuses Jacqueline Of Being Involved In Strippergate Exclusive!

False Accusations!

UPDATE: Kim D has broken her silence to claim Jacqueline had NOTHING to do with strippergate. Read that here

UPDATE 2: Penny Drossos Karagiorgis has broken her silence and claims Jacqueline had NOTHING to do with it as well. Read that here

While last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey was the most explosive yet, it seems things are only bound to get crazier with an intense fight that takes place on this coming week (see that here). In the clip from that fight, you can see that the allegations from season 4/5 that Melissa Gorga was a stripper are being brought up again, with Melissa not seeming to want to own what she knew about the situation- i.e. that her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice was involved in setting her up. Now, this has carried over to Twitter and Melissa has seemingly accused Jacqueline Laurita of being involved. Read on for more details.

Melissa Strippergate Falsely Accuses Jacqueline Of Involvement Exclusive

Last night, a fan tweeted Melissa, saying “don’t let Jacqueline get away with manipulating you again. Now you see it was her that spread the stripper rumor.”

Rather than claim that wasn’t true, Melissa responded with, “not this time!” 

For fans who have followed the show, the allegation that Jacqueline could have been involved in trying to “out” Melissa as a stripper is ridiculous for many reasons:

•First, when watching the show, we saw Teresa and Kim D film at the salon with Angelo who outed the rumor to them. Jacqueline was nowhere in sight.

•Second, the night after the season 4 finale taped where Melissa was “outed,” the season 3 reunion taped. Fans likely remember Jacqueline didn’t show up because she was so disgusted with what had gone down the previous night.

•In addition, Melissa wrote the following in her Bravo blog back on October 16th, 2012 (read this here):

Do I still think Teresa set me up? 

Yes. Kim’s story has changed so many times since that night I can’t keep up. She did set me up, she didn’t set me up, there was no set up. Enough already. I think Kim D’s reason is so ridiculous for wanting to hurt me. She is a 50-year-old woman that is coming at me for going to another boutique. Would Kim really put all this time and effort into this set up just because of that? By the way, Teresa also shops at the other Posh and Kim knows it. It was proven in the footage when Angelo said Teresa knew, because he also said ‘Kim and Teresa wanted me to do this thing.’ Come on, everyone, lets be reasonable, there were a lot of things falling in both of their laps that day. The hair salon was just too convenient that day. Why couldn’t Teresa call me in between the hair salon and the fashion show? Give me a warning of what Kim was doing? The heart pounding, the blinks, the nervousness. Then Kim D. comes to the reunion and admits Teresa knew it was a set up for me. It’s all right there, and honestly I know in my heart what she was doing. It’s written all over her face. Of course she was in on it. More importantly, why isn’t Teresa mad at KIM? Why isn’t she mad at her for doing this to her brother’s wife? Why isn’t she upset with her for causing all this commotion when everything was so good between us? Why did Teresa just do a signing at Kim’s store after all of this? Why was Kim tweeting pictures last week out at nightclubs with Teresa? Seems Teresa is returning the favor.”

As you can see, Jacqueline is mentioned nowhere in Melissa’s discussion of the night and Melissa clearly pointed the blame at Kim D/Teresa.

We also reached out to Jacqueline, who exclusively told us that, “I heard they all filmed together at the salon earlier that day and I told Melissa about it. I didn’t know what they filmed but I knew it couldn’t be good and after everything came out at the fashion show. I knew it had to be related to what had just happened. It was an obvious set up. Teresa knew at the salon early that day what was said because she was the one that was there, and at that point, she knew what was going to go down at the fashion show (She’s the one that fed Kim all the information she needed to know) and she never warned Melissa all day about what was said on camera until that night at the fashion show when the cameras were rolling. No text, no call, no nothing! She lives so close to her!”

Why didn’t she warn Melissa?” Laurita questioned. “This was coming off the California trip where Melissa had confirmed to me what I already knew…that Teresa really hated me and that Teresa had tried to stop one of Melissa’s appearances at a night club and someone else from working with her Melissa’s husband. I was disgusted.”

“Now because they’ve teamed up together they’ve decided to band together and rewrite history?” Laurita added. “That is just crazy!! ”

While it’s clear Jacqueline and Melissa are having drama on the show now, it seems ridiculous to even consider the idea that Jacqueline could have been a part of strippergate.

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