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Penny- Jacqueline Had Nothing To Do With Strippergate Exclusive

Nothing To Do With It!

This morning, we reported exclusive comments from Jacqueline Laurita (read them here) and Kim D (read them here) both refuting that Jacqueline had anything to do with strippergate. Now, Penny Drossos Karagiorgis, who appeared on season 5, has also chimed in to confirm what went down with strippergate.

Penny Jacqueline Not Involved In Strippergate Exclusive

“I have inside knowledge as to what went down with strippergate,” Penny exclusively told us.
Penny then got highly detailed, telling us that, “At the end of season 4, Teresa had approached me, and she had asked me to out that Melissa was a stripper. It was clear from her communication to me that she wanted it out there.”
“I told her that I was uncomfortable putting that out there,” Penny continued, “as Melissa had done nothing personal to me. In addition, I was a Mom and told Teresa I wouldn’t want somebody doing that to me.”
“Teresa was relentless, though,” Penny added, “and she continued to try to get this out there. She then asked if she could film in my salon at the time, La Chateau Allure. I agreed to let her film there in hopes that it would help my business, but as you see in the scene, I refused to appear on camera to ‘out’ that Melissa was a stripper.”
“With new conversations appearing regarding people trying to insinuate that Jacqueline was involved with this, I had to speak out,” Penny further elaborated. “While I didn’t necessarily have the best history with Jacqueline– much of which I credit to Teresa making up lies to her- I wanted to make something perfectly clear: Jacqueline Laurita had NOTHING to do with strippergate. That was all Teresa.”
“When I recently saw a clip where Melissa tried to claim she didn’t remember details about this, I was dumfounded,” Penny added. “She definitely knew Teresa was involved and, I’m happy to re-confirm what she already knew: Teresa wanted it outed that Melissa was a stripper. And that’s that.”
Something tells us that Penny is a vault of information regarding stuff that went down, and we can’t wait to see what else she’ll share!
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