Countess Luann Divorce

Countess Luann Becoming Queen D’Agostino!

Countess No More?

Since the beginning of The Real Housewives of New York CityLuann de Lesseps has always been known as Countess Luann, due to her royal title from her ex-husbands family. Now that de Lesseps is preparing to marry Thomas D’Agostino (read more about this here), she is going to have to give up her Countess title. She recently talked about this on The Wendy Williams Show. What did she have to say?

Countess Luann Becoming Queen D’Agostino!

Luann seemed to be okay with giving up the Countess title to marry Tom, detailing that, “I’m gonna be busy being Queen D’Agostino.

That’s what I’m gonna be,” she added. “The Queen Bee.”

She also said she will be taking D’Agostino’s last name when they marry, stating, “I like it. I’ll still be Mrs. D.

While we are excited for Luann to get married, we are going to feel strange not referring to her as Countess Luann.

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