Exclusive Q&A with Nick Barbati from “Finding Prince Charming”

We have been hooked on the new Logo series, Finding Prince Charming. The show follows 13 gorgeous suitors all living in one house competing to win the heart of amazing guy. Each week, Prince Charming eliminates a few suitors in the effort to find the man of his dream. Even though we love all of the suitors, it is hard when one of your favorite cast members gets sent home. Even though he was only on the show for one episode, Nick Barbati from New Jersey really won our hearts from the moment he entered the beautiful mansion. He’s sweet, funny, charming, and he just made us smile! Even though he didn’t win over the heart of Prince Charming, he won us over and we decided to catch up with Nick to get the scoop on what he’s been up to since his time on the show. Check out our exclusive Q&A with Nick below!


Q: Why did you decide to go on the show?

A: “I’ve actually been an admirar of reality tv my whole life. My show growing up was always Big Brother. I’m in New Jersey and i’ve meet some really wonderful people over the years that have done reality TV… most notably, Kathy Wakile and Amber Marchese from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Through my work, i’ve been able to do events with them and I was just really comfortable and it was an exciting possibility for me. I have a lot to share with this world… so why wouldn’t I want to share it on a larger scale? I was really excited to share myself with the world!” 



Q: Did you know any of the other suitors prior to the show?

A: “I knew nobody! When I walked through the house and I realized that I didn’t know anyone, it was honestly a sigh of relief because I could just start fresh with everyone I got to meet.”

Q: What was your first impression of Robert?

A: “When I saw Robert, I thought he was this come to life Disney prince! He just had this very perfect looking guy. I swear that I didn’t even realize in that moment that he was the Prince Charming!” 




Q: What were you thinking/feeling during the elimination? Did you expect it?

A: “I actually did expect it… well I mean it wasn’t a surprise to me. When there are thirteen individuals there, it really could have been any of us. As we were very loosely getting to know Robert, he was very loosely getting to know us. While I was really excited to be there and I thought I had a lot of fun moments, he wasn’t there when I got spray tanned. The truth is that I came later to the introduction, so he got to spend a lot of time with guys like Eric and Paul, so I didn’t really get to spend a lot of one-on-one time with him that night. So, to sum it up… I really wasn’t surprised.” 




Q: Would you do it again?

A: “In a heartbeat! I really went on the show looking for love. I never thought I would be 31 and still single, and I never thought I would say on national TV that i’ve never really been in love. Now, it didn’t work out on this occasion, but it was an amazing experience and I met some really incredible people.”

Q: What have you been up to since the show? Have you found love?

A: “Well, it has been the busy season for my job. I’m a college administrator and I do events for Rider University. The students are back and we have been doing a ton of events! I’m really living out the real love of my life which is working with my students! I have been working with them a lot to develop really fun programs and with event planners at the college level. I have not found love, so if anyone out there is still interested, they can find me on Twitter! I hope to though. That would be really really welcome!


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