Teresa Wants Danielle Staub Back! Exclusive Details

Say What?

When Danielle Staub left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she was on good terms with… well… no one. Even after leaving the show, her relationship with Teresa Giudice was nonexistent, as she bashed Giudice- and the rest of the cast- a lot on social media. Now, in a surprising turn of events, Giudice has said she would LOVE Staub to return to the show! Read on for details.

Teresa Giudice Danielle Staub Should Return To RHONJ

Giudice issued the following two tweets on her Twitter timeline recently:

Teresa Giudice Danielle Staub Teresa Giudice Danielle Staub

Clearly, based on the above, Giudice is saying she’d want Staub back on the show.

So why would Giudice- who famously flipped a table at Staub- possibly want her to return?

According to an insider we spoke to, “Teresa knows that if Danielle came on, she’d almost certainly go after Jacqueline.”

“Clearly, Jacqueline and Teresa aren’t in a good place right now, so many people think Teresa is saying it publicly to upset Jacqueline,” the source added.

“What’s interesting, though,” they noted, “is that Danielle has gone after Melissa publicly before and has never been nice about her.”

“If Teresa and Melissa are all good,” our source wrapped wth, “why would Teresa possibly want someone on the show who went after her sister-in-law so harshly?

Tell us- what do YOU think? Would you want to see Danielle return? Sound off in the comments below.

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