Joe Masalta Danielle Staub

Joe Masalta Releases Shocking Recording of Danielle Staub

Shocking Recording!

Earlier today, we reported how former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub‘s ex-fiance Joe Masalta claimed that she wanted Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa Giudice dead (read about that here). Now, in the late hours of a Friday, Masalta has taken to his Youtube page to release a shocking recording he has claimed is of him and Staub! Read on for details.

Joe Masalta Danielle Staub Shocking Recording

In the Youtube clip, which we’ve linked to below, the woman on the recording Masalta claims is Staub says,”Ready? You ready for the war baby? Are you sure? Are you sure honey can I really bring you a war? Can I really do that?

“They’re not gonna trust you when I’m done with you,” she continues. “You stupid. You want to call me psycho one more f**king time, you stupid Mexican.”

The woman on the recording then continues yelling at Masalta, saying, “Let’s see where it brings you with my f**king f**king cartel.”

As the recording continues, Masalta questions her, “Do you want to bring your cartel after me?… Is that what you want to do? Call the cops while I’m laying there dead? Is that what you said?

“I don’t need the cops, baby,” she then states. “I know the chiefs. I know the prosecutors…”

At the end, in an ironic twist, she asks if he’s recording this, claiming it will “be erased anyways.”

Here is the link:

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