Joe Masalta Danielle Staub

Joe Masalta- Danielle Staub Wanted Teresa Dead Exclusive

So Scary!

Yesterday, we reported how Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice claimed she would welcome Danielle Staub to return to the show (read about that here). Upon hearing that, we reached out Staub’s former fiance Joe Masalta – who had previously dished on how their engagement was fake (read about that here)- who spoke to us to warn Giudice that she may want to think twice about her wanting Staub back. What did he have to say? Read on for details.

Joe Masalta Danielle Staub Wanted Teresa Dead Exclusive

Danielle was obsessed with the show,” Masalta exclusively told us. “She would talk about it all the time.”

“When talking about the show, she also talked about her castmates,” he added, “including those she would want physical harm done to/those she wanted to end up dead.

On her list of those she wanted physical harm/death to come to,” he continued detailing, “Teresa’s name was on there. Jacqueline (Laurita’s) name was on there. Caroline (Manzo’s) name was on there. This woman is not playing with a full deck.”

Masalta also claimed Staub used to make fun of Giudice. “Danielle used to mock how stupid Teresa was all the time, calling her dumb and assorted other names. She also mocked her financial and legal problems as well.”
Teresa should be very careful in publicly stating she wants Danielle to come back to the show,” Masalta wrapped with telling us, “as she could potentially be putting her- and her cast mates- right in harms way.”
Masalta had more to share with us regarding why Staub shouldn’t return to the show, so make sure to stay tuned here, as you’ll definitely want to read this.
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