Bethenny Frankel Radio Show

Bethenny Frankel Fired From Sirius Radio?

Done B-ing Real?

One of our favorite things to listen to in the car is Sirius XM’s Radio Andy. We adore many shows including Reality Checked and Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel‘s B Real With Bethenny. According to a new report from Page Six, though, the plug was recently pulled on Frankel’s show. Read on for details.

Bethenny Frankel Radio Show Cancelled

An insider dished to Page Six that Sirius was going to give Frankel her own show/a long term show, but after she reportedly got angry at a Coldplay concert that was sponsored by Sirius over the summer (where it’s reported she threw a drink on a fan), they changed their minds.

The source told Page Six that, “They were prepared to give Bethenny her own show, but they ripped up the contract after that night.”

Sirius has denied the report, though, stating that, “When we announced ‘B Real with Bethenny’ . . . back in April, it was as a limited-run weekly series. We often work with hosts [on] limited-run series to develop . . . with the hope they can lead a daily show . . . That requires a great time commitment from the hosts. Bethenny is busy with Bravo and other projects, and we were unsure whether, in the long run, we could get enough of her time for a five-day-a-week show.

We tend to believe Sirius on this one, as networks care about ratings and, regardless of a rumored incident, Frankel definitely brings in the ratings.

We are sad to see the show go, though, as we really liked it. Hopefully there will be more of Frankel on the radio in the future.

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