Chelsea Houska Wedding

Chelsea’s Bigger Wedding Celebration To Be Filmed For Teen Mom 2?

Filmed Celebration?

Over the weekend, Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska wed Cole Deboer (read about that here). While we noted none of the Teen Mom 2 cast was there (read about that here), Houska did confirm there will be a bigger celebration for friends and family next year after her baby is born. So will this be filmed for Teen Mom 2 or not? Read on for details.

Chelsea Houska Wedding Filmed For Teen Mom 2 Or Not

When discussing her small wedding that took place this weekend, Houska tweeted, “So as most of you already know, yesterday Cole and I got married in a tiny ceremony just with our parents and siblings…next year, once our baby is here and able to be a part of it, we will have our big wedding ceremony and reception with our friends/extended family.”

After confirming Kailyn Lowry would be present at this bigger celebration, a fan tweeted that “so in other words will have her scripted wedding next year that will foot the bill at for ratings.”

Houska then went on to confirm that the bigger celebration will NOT be filmed.

Even after she confirmed it, someone tweeted that, “money talks, I’m a betting man and I would put $10k up that says it’s filmed” to which Houska responded “I’d love to take part of that bet lol.”

This definitely sounds like we will NOT be seeing any part of Houska’s wedding- either from this weekend or next year- play out on the show. We totally respect her wishes in regards to this, as her wedding day/celebration should be about her and Deboer, not a reality show.

Tell us- are you surprised to hear this won’t be featured on the show? Sound off in the comments below.

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