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Petition To Fire Farrah Abraham Nets Over 68,000 Signatures!

Fire Farrah?

We adore watching Teen Mom OG and enjoy seeing each of the women’s stories unfold each week. It seems a lot of fans are not happy with one of the women on the show, though, and have started a petition to get her fired that is gaining traction. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Farrah Abraham Petition To Get Her Fired Gets 68000 Signatures

A petition has arisen to get Farrah Abraham fired over at Change.org.

The petition, which has already received over 68,000 signatures, is described in the following way: ”

  • Farrah Abraham is, and always has been egregiously disrespectful and cruel to her elders- especially her own parents, the MTV crew, is an absentee mother, a plastic surgery addict and now a pornstar as well. She fails to embody even the most basic values of her parental role and is setting a terrifyingly low bar of behaviour for young mothers and for girls around the world. Her fifteen minutes are up and she needs to take her “career” elsewhere.


  • Teen Mom: OG fans do not care what happens with Farrah’s storyline because everything about her is all fake. Fake boyfriends, fake parenting, fake sextape ‘leak’, fake friends, fake face, fake body.. you see where I’m going with this? Farrah is a profoundly unkind individual and has been right from the start of 16 and Pregnant. Your viewers are fast-forwarding through her segments because she is single-handedly ruining the show. Her callous nature towards others and inability to put anyone before herself -including her daughter Sophia- as she continues to parade herself across the headlines has gone too far and this petition is a call to action to have her removed from the show permanently!


  • Maci Bookout, Caitlynn Baltierra and Amber Portwood have shown incredible strength in the face of adversity and tremendous personal growth as the series has progressed. Those three have risen to the occasion and taken on their new roles as public figures with grace and gratitude. Farrah Abraham, however, is teaching youth that if you’re short on cash, self-worth and commonsense you can disgrace yourself to get ahead. Younger viewers do not yet have the life experience to necessarily see what a travesty she is making of her time in the spotlight and the horrific emotional repercussions and indelible social stigma of being featured in adult videos.

    •It is painful and infuriating for the audience to watch Sophia grow up into a mini-monster and for her parents, Debra and Michael, to be constantly abused- tolerating unprecedented levels of disrespect at the hands of their own reckless daughter out of desperation to keep a relationship with their grandchild. This family power dynamic is constantly dangled over their heads and especially over Debra’s. It’s absolutely disgusting and no one wants to stomach it anymore or risk Farrah’s attitude rubbing off on their own children.


  • It is clear to everyone who signs this petition that MTV cares more about ratings rather than the adverse affects of allowing someone as repugnant as Farrah Abraham to keep her public platform. This show stands for something powerful in the hearts of millions of people and should not be granted the right to derail the show for the viewers or for Caitlynn Baltierra, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood who have grown into wonderful mothers and admirable women. Those three deserve to see their checks keep rolling in and be granted continued financial security for their families because they are warm, real, vibrant, caring mothers who have shared their ups and downs with us over the years.


  • Furthermore, It is deeply irresponsible for MTV to continue to exploit the media attention brought on by Farrah’s X-rated “career” to draw viewership towards Teen Mom:OG, given its fanbase. Enough is enough already– MTV, we see right through your marketing ploy. It has nothing to do with “showing the four unique experiences” of these women; Get real. This is about your producers having a ratings safety net because they’re afraid the show could tank without Farrah’s constant drama making headlines. This was the ONLY purpose of bringing her back to the series. That is why she is still here in spite of Maci’s completely legitimate concerns. Shame on you MTV. Listen to your fans, the numbers don’t lie; We’re RIGHT HERE.


  • The purpose of this letter is not to “slutshame” Farrah but to fish our beloved show out of the toilet before it’s too late. We the fans will not accept yet another transparent “intervention check-up hour” with Dr. Drew for Farrah- been there done that. It accomplishes nothing and does not address the real issue: We want her gone. Not all drama is “good drama” and continuing to have Farrah on this show is incredibly inappropriate to the tone as well as the message of this show. The fans are loyal and the other three girls can easily carry the series without compromising MTV’s original commitment to create a show that facilitates community, respect, education and support for young mothers. #FireFarrah Abraham and restore integrity to Teen Mom.

    Thank you!

    Taylor C.”

On her Facebook page, Farrah’s Mom responded to the story, writing, “This is ridiculous!  #GoFarrahGo! Xoxo.”

We personally do not believe Abraham is going to be fired from the show, as she definitely aids in bringing ratings. In addition, the show has always been a panel show that follows all of the women’s lives on it, so we don’t see that changing, petition or not.

Tell us- what do you think of this? Sound off in the comments below.

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