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Meghan King Edmonds- I Don’t Think Kill All Cancer Is A Charity

Not A Charity?

Recently, we reported on Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s official launching of her charity Kill All Cancer (read about that here). While we then reported some people were questioning the authenticity of it (read about that here), Gunvalson was quick to shoot those rumors down. Last night, on Watch What Happens Live, Gunvalson’s fellow Housewife cast member Meghan King Edmonds appeared on the show and she herself had something interesting to say about Kill All Cancer. Read on for details.

Meghan King Edmonds Kill All Cancer Not A Charity

When asked on WWHL about the commercial Gunvalson was seen filming for the charity in last night’s episode, Edmonds said, “I thought it was weird. I thought it seemed contrived and forced and I don’t even think it’s a charity.

Edmonds detailed more about why she doesn’t think it’s a charity, adding, “It’s a website where you give the website money and then the money funnels it to other charities. Or, the website funnels the money to other charities. That’s not a charity.”

Tell us- what do YOU think? Do you think it is a charity or not? Sound off in the comments below.

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