Farrah Abraham Claims She’s Why Teen Mom OG Exists

Petition Response!

Recently, we reported that a petition was circulating on the internet that was gaining traction to get Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham fired from the show (read about that here). Recently, Radar Online caught up with Abraham who responded to the petition. What did she have to say? Read on for details.

Farrah Abraham Petition Response Claim She’s Why Show Exists

In response to the petition trying to get her kicked off the show, Abraham said, “You couldn’t get me kicked off Teen Mom if you arrested me.”

Ironically, we would say this is true, based on the fact that one of the Teen Mom 2 cast members *cough Jenelle cough* has been arrested numerous times and remains on the show.

Abraham added that, “I’m the reason why the show exists pretty much at this point.”

That’s definitely a pretty bold claim. Personally, we enjoy watching each of the women and their stories each week, not just one of them.

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