RHOBH Season 7 Kim Richards

RHOBH Season 7 Biggest Storyline Around Kim Again Exclusive

Sobriety Storyline Again!

Filming for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 is underway. While we already exclusively revealed a dramatic moment (read about that here), we have been exclusively informed that the main storyline of the season is, yet again, revolving around Kim Richards and her sobriety. Read on for details.

RHOBH Season 7 Kim Richards Sobriety Biggest Storyline Exclusive

While we had already confirmed Kim was invited back to the show (read about that here), we have now learned that she is becoming a central focus again.

“Kim is filming as a friend this season,” an insider exclusively told us, “and the women are targeting her yet again.”

“Specifically,” our source continued, “they’re going after her sobriety and questioning if she is still sober. It’s becoming a central storyline.”

Why are they doing this? According to our insider, “There’s nothing else really going on. No one else is fighting, so Kim is an easy target for them to go at.”

“The newest cast member also doesn’t like Kim,” our source added, “so she’s also going at Kim and her sobriety.”

This is truly sad for us to hear, as you can tell Kim is a good person who is doing her best to stay sober and truly doesn’t need people continuing to attack and question a very real battle she’s been dealing with. Also, perhaps all of the women should consider this storyline has been played out twice already, and it may be time for the viewers to see something else.

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