Farrah Abraham Parents

Farrah Abraham Gets In Major Fight With Parents

Yelling Over Yogurt!

On this coming week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we will see Farrah Abraham getting ready to open her yogurt shop. In preparation for the shop opening, Abraham has her parents helping her out. While things start well, it quickly escalates into a major fight. Want details?

Farrah Abraham Parents Major Fight Over Yogurt Shop

After Abraham shares the good news that she got permits for her Yogurt shop, all seems well. However, when her Mom brings up there’s a temperature issue with the freezers in the back of the shop, things start to go sour.

“The only thing I want to bring to your attention is the big three door freezer for the fridge,” her Mom begins explaining, “we need to get the temperature up to about 42 so the thing can be fine because it was at 35 back there and you need it a little bit warmer.”
“You don’t put it in a freezer!” Abraham angrily snaps back. “You put it in a refrigerator.”
“That’s what I said,” her Mom responds, “the refrigerator.”
“Oh my God,” Abraham sates. “Well the refrigerator should be at the regular temperature. Is anyone checking it?
Her and her Mom then go into the back room where the refrigerators and freezers are.
“This one I could not get to move,” her Mom explains.
This angers Abraham, who yells that, “Okay, you don’t put this stuff in there when it should be over there.”
Michael put the stuff in here,” her Mom answers.
Then, Abraham turns her attention to her Dad, calling for him and saying, “We need all of this stuff dethawed. First of all, why is the freezer warmer than the refrigerator?”
You asked her,” her Dad responds, pointing to her Mom. “I didn’t touch those.”
This then erupts into a major family argument, where her Dad finally has enough, stating, “You asked me to be here, now get off my ass! Get off my ass!”
Here is the clip:
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