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Teresa- I Was Mad At Joe For Getting Me Stuck & Involved In This Situation

Mad At Joe?

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice has been out of prison for quite some time now. In this week’s coming episode, her brother, Joe Gorga, sits down with her to talk about if she’s mad at her husband, Joe Giudice, for her going away. What did she have to say?

Teresa Giudice Joe Mad At For Prison Time

“So how do you feel?” Gorga asks his sister. “How do you feel like when he goes? What are you worried about?”

“I think about the fights and stuff in there,” Giudice confesses. “I just feel like guys right away they lose their temper. I told him just be careful of who you deal with.”
“We keep our circle small,” Gorga responds, “for all these reasons. You know, when all that went down, man I was kind of mad. I was mad at Joe. We were. Even Daddy, we were mad. It was tough on all of us, but then, over time, talking to you, you accepted- we mended, but are you bitter. Were you bitter at Joe?”
“When it first happened?” Giudice asked.
“Yeah when you went in,” he asks. “I didn’t get to really talk to you about it and when I see you, the kids are always around. Were you bitter? Are you mad? Were you mad?
I was mad that I got stuck with being involved and yes,” Giudice confesses. “I should have made sure everything on those papers was correct before signing them, but nothing was done intentionally. We trusted the wrong people.
You learn,” Gorga answers.
“I think it’s a learning lesson for everybody,” Giudice then states.
“You never know,” Gorga reflects.

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Here it is:

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