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Jacqueline Slams Melissa As A Sneak, Liar, and Manipulator!

RHONJ Drama!

After all of the drama that’s gone down on The Real Housewives of New Jersey the past few weeks, it’s no surprise to viewers that Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga, who were good friends in the past, have issues (read more about that here). Today, Laurita took to her blog to address her thoughts on Gorga- and she didn’t hold back. What did she say?

Jacqueline Laurita Melissa Sneak Liar Manipulator

In talking about her experience with Gorga at the Vermont dinner table, Laurita wrote that, “Melissa was a huge disappointment. She’s a sneak, a liar, and a manipulator. She is everything Teresa told me she was. She used me when she needed me in so many ways. Once she got her footing on the pedestal, she pushed me off (and Kathy) without even looking back, knowing I was someone who helped get her there.”

“All I asked was for Melissa and Joe to tell the truth,” Laurita continued. “They both know I had zero involvement in Strippergate and that Teresa did. I saw Melissa tell Joe not to answer me. I just wanted an honest answer from one of them. It hurt me that they wouldn’t do that, and I became more frustrated. I guess they felt the truth would not help Teresa, so they helped feed her lies. Teresa then took that opportunity to run with it, even while knowing her own guilt, as she made a calculated decision to push it off of herself and on to me. Typical Teresa style. That wasn’t fair to me. Again, no integrity.”

Laurita had more to say, adding that, “It was obvious that Teresa and Melissa banded together and decided to try to rewrite history together. I didn’t bring up the past first…they did that. I just held them accountable for it. Teresa saying she wasn’t involved in Strippergate or any other Melissa set up? Lie! Teresa saying she never hated Melissa or ever said anything bad about her? Lie! Teresa saying she never instigates and she would just walk away from confrontation? Lie! Someone rewind past seasons footage. She is DELUSIONAL! So who exactly was it that said Melissa was a lying, cheating, manipulating, gold-digging stripper who would leave her husband for a richer man? Refresh my memory.”

Wow! This is definitely a strongly written blog.

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