RHOD Season 2

RHOD Drama At Taping Exclusive

Dallas Drama!

While we recently confirmed that The Real Housewives of Dallas are taping their second season (read about that here), it seems there was already drama at an event recently. What do we mean? Read on for exclusive details.

RHOD Season 2 Drama At Taping Exclusive

According to multiple sources, we were informed that, “There was an event the other night that two of the women were present at. While it was supposed to be centered around charity, neither of them seemed to mention anything regarding charity.”

So where did the drama lie?

According to our insiders, “A woman who was present at the event who owns a local business approached one of these women off-camera to give them a business card and offer them complimentary services. While the Housewife (who we are not naming) acted interested, she was seen tossing the business card aside into half-eaten food on the way out.”

“The business owner was obviously very offended and hurt,” our sources added, “but chose to keep it classy and not confront this person at the event.”

While we were provided with names of the Housewives, we have chosen to keep this as a blind item for now.

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