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Vicki’s Kill All Cancer Taken Offline- Exclusive Details

Kill All Cancer Down?

Recently, we have been reporting on Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson‘s new charity she’s involved with, Kill All Cancer (read about that here). While it was recently slammed by critics (read about that here), the site has suddenly gone offline today. What’s going on? Read on for some exclusive info.

Vicki Gunvalson Kill All Cancer Taken Offline Exclusive Details

While the site was up and running as of this morning, when you go to the website now, all that appears is a “coming soon” message.

We can exclusively confirm why this may be. In the last 24 hours, there have been emails circulating around to bloggers, Bravo, the press, and certain Government institutions that we were made privy to. While we are not going to share the contents of those emails in their entirety, the emails did allege that Kill All Cancer was “in violation of California law regarding charitable activities” and did not have the necessary 501C status to be operating as a charity.

While a response was also issued from an attorney in these chains of emails- who claimed that Kill All Cancer linked to a Go Fund Me page whose funds went to City of Hope which is a charity with a 501c status- soon after the barrage of emails started coming through, the website was taken down.

While again we are not releasing the contents of the emails- other than what we summarized above- and are not taking sides or forming opinions on the alleged information that was passed on to us, it doesn’t seem coincidental that the site was taken down after all of these emails started being sent around.

We did reach out to the lawyer on the emails to ask why the site was taken down but have not yet heard back.

We will continue to keep you posted as more about this story emerges.

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