Nick De La Hoyde Thinking Bout You

Nick de la Hoyde “Thinking Bout You” Music Video Review

Great Video!

One of the things I loved most about growing up was turning on MTV and being able to see music videos. While music videos are more of an online thing now, we still enjoy watching them when we can; thus, we were very excited to see Nick De La Hoyde, a singer-songwriter-rapper from Australia, release his video for his new song, Thinking Bout You. So is it worth a watch? Read on for details.

Nick De La Hoyde Thinking Bout You Music Video Review

The video starts with De La Hoyde in a dark room, sitting. It then proceeds into him using his iPhone to browse pictures of a woman who was obviously part of his past (as he sings “got a dose of the past it’s over, all I really wanna do is hold her).

Then, we see a woman- presumably the one he’s talking about- appear blurry and then a clay-like substance comes off of her face (in a very neat visual effect) and we see it’s her.

The video continues in a very artistic fashion, with really neat special/visual effects. We really enjoyed the video and the song, and definitely feel it’s wroth checking out here:

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