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Kelly Dodd Fat Shames Fan Who Criticized Her

Fat Shamed!

UPDATE: Due to the fat shaming comment, a petition has begun to get Dodd fired! See it here

While we have enjoyed watching newbie Kelly Dodd on The Real Housewives of Orange County this year, she’s definitely had her share of dramatic situations. While Dodd has lashed out at fans before (read about this here), a recent spat she had with one is crossing the line in many people’s eyes. What do we mean? Read on for details.

Kelly Dodd Fat Shames Fan Who Criticized Her

As screenshotted by Twitter account @LoveAndyC, Dodd had posted her blog on Instagram. When a fan named @chellbell1973 commented in a way Dodd didn’t like, Dodd wrote back, “Maybe try losing some weight because your kid is going to be ashamed that you’re a pig!! Get off my page you pig!

While that was bad enough, Dodd then proceeded to go to @chellbell1973’s personal Instagram page, commenting on a photo of the woman with her daughter. Specifically, Dodd wrote, “Put the fork down!! You’re kid is going to be embarrassed by you!!

Grammar aside, the comments are definitely offensive, regardless of whether you’re a Dodd fan or not.

Here is a copy of the screenshot:

Kelly Dodd Fat Shames

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