Sam Provenzano Spills ALL The Tea on “Finding Prince Charming” Exclusive

We have been keeping up with Logo’s newest reality competition show, Finding Prince Charming and the show is getting crazier and crazier each episode. One of the suitors that caught our eye from the very beginning was Sam Provenzano, a 32 year old from Chicago looking for the man of his dreams. Sam is actually very good friends with our friends, Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati from Bravo’s Newlyweds. Sam came in ready for love but wasn’t going to be fake with anyone, which caused a lot of drama in the house. Sam actually left the house on his own after spitting in another cast members face after things got heated one night. We loved Sam and wanted to catch up with him to get the real scoop on what went down. Check out our exclusive interview with Sam below!


Q: Why did you decide to do “Finding Prince Charming” in the first place?

A: I was single and I really just thought of it as another avenue to meet someone. I’ve done the online dating (scruff, grindr, OkCupid, etc) and it just didn’t work for me, so I just decided to take a chance. My friends and I saw it on Instagram and I applied, and I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever get picked, but I got in and here we are today!


Q: When you first arrived, what was your first impression of the guys you met in the house? Did you know any of the other suitors prior to the show?

A: I thought it was a really great and diverse cast and I was really excited about that. I also thought everyone had something special about them. I was a little intimidated when I met everybody (which is rare for me actually) but I thought that they really brought in some great guys.


Unlike some people in the house, I knew NO ONE. It would have been really nice if I would have had someone that I knew previously because there would have been someone to confide in that I could actually trust, especially when things got crazy with Dillon and some of the other guys. When you’re in the house you can’t call your mom or your friends… you’re stuck in there. It’s a small Gay world, so i’m really surprised that I didn’t know someone in the house previously.


Q: What was going through your head when you found out Robert was the “Prince Charming” ?

A: I was actually kind of happy in the beginning! We started a good connection and there was already a physical attraction between both of us. He seemed really sweet, but right when he announced that he was “prince charming” his attitude changed… he got kind of cocky. He went from being very soft spoken and sweet, to being very arrogant and boring as hell!


Q: Now, one of the most dramatic moments so far this season was definitely the moment where you spit on Dillon. What made you get to that point of being so angry?

A: Dillon was poking and poking at me during my entire experience – Every time I was about to have some time with Robert … Dillon would show up beforehand and stir the pot. He did it before the pool party, the beach, before my group date with Justin, and before our final confrontation. Normally, no one is able to get under my skin the way Dillon was able to…. And he was able to get some of the other” boys” (I won’t call them men) against me.   When you’re in a house with nowhere to run and no one to confide in and someone is coming for you… It makes for the perfect storm. Dillon brought out a side of me that I didn’t know I had. What did Dillon expect me to do? He wanted a reaction…. A negative one from me … And he got one. Am I proud of it? Absolutely not. I allowed him to get under my skin and I won’t make that mistake again. It was an ugly moment…but I’ve moved on. I’m not going to crucify myself over it. We all make mistakes. Period. At the end of the day, I left on my own terms and I’m sure some of boys were happy to see me go… Because i easily would have been top 3.

Q: Throughout your short time on the show, a lot of people on social media have come to criticize you for comments you said or arguments you got in… do you think people just misunderstand you?

A: It’s a reality television show… It’s entertainment. Viewers have really loved me or loved to hate me so it’s all good! I’m actually shocked with the support and my Instagram and Twitter have blown up. I’m so humbled and thankful. They want to see more Sam… Whether it be on a spin off or again on Season 2. Especially because the way it ended… My time was cut short and my story is very much untold. And if there is a next time…. I won’t allow anyone to get in my way. Let’s just spill the tea here:  A lot of the guys were either putting on a facade for the cameras or just following one another. I’m not a sheep… I’m a wolf and a lot of people appreciate that. Some gay men can be very cliquey, very two faced and you see that within some of these boys. With me, I’ll always keep it as real as possible. As the saying goes.. “Don’t start none… Won’t be none.”


Q: What did you think of Robert’s decision to let go of Danique instead of Dillon in episode 3?

A: I was shocked! Danique is probably the most genuine and authentic person in the house. He’s a good time, he doesn’t try to get involved in anything that he’s really not supposed to be involved in, he keeps his head held high throughout… and i’m just really shocked he eliminated Danique. Especially with the way Dillon acted throughout, but in the end if there’s no connection there for Robert, he has to make that decision. Unfortunately, I think it was the wrong one… but he’ll have to deal with that.

Q: Since the show, your fellow cast mate Robby has spoken about you in a few different interviews claiming you drink a lot and need help. What do you have to say to him regarding those comments he made?

A: Robby and I got off on the wrong track, but we made up. I apologized to Robby on the show in front of everyone and we moved forward. After the show, we really kept in touch. We texted, called each other, & I had drinks with him in West Hollywood at PUMP about a month ago and we had a blast! So it’s really disappointing to hear him throwing me and a few others  under the bus… I was definitely surprised.  So maybe it says something about his character. He knew me for a couple of days living in a house together… I’m off of work and it’s essentially “vacation time” and I wanna have a good time. We were ALL drinking in that house. Now, alchohol does have a way of altering your moods, but a lot of it has to do with your environment. If anyone out there was living in that house, they would want to drink because if you had to live with some of the people I had to live with… you would wanna drink. You don’t insinuate that someone is an alcoholic… alcoholism is a real disease. He doesn’t know my day to day life at all and at the end of the day, Robby doesn’t really know me. If he was that concerned about me and my well being, he would have reached out to me.


Now, do I respect Robby? Yes. Would I be open to a friendship with Robby? Yes, because I really do think he has a big big heart… but I think he has a lot of learning to do. One of the things he needs to learn is that if you have something to say to someone then say it to their face — not to the press. Don’t act like you’re my friend and then gossip behind my back. It’s quite disappointing. I don’t know where we stand…


Q: Robby also said in his recent interviews that you & Chad hooked up… is that true?

A: It really wasn’t a secret… I don’t know if he thought he was spilling tea or something, but that tea was pretty rotten. Yeah, we didn’t hide anything. If someone asked us, we would have told them. We didn’t have sex… we just hooked up. I just wanted to have a good time, and I did!

Q: What is your love life like now? Are you still single?

A: You know, it’s going well! I’m dating and having a good time. I’m really just focusing more on myself and focusing on my family & friends. I’m 32 years old and there’s plenty of time to find love. Now that I’ve done the show, there are a lot of guys messaging me on social media, and a lot of ex-flings messaging me. But right now i’m just focusing on career, family, and friends… but i’m always open for love.


Q: Would you do the show again?

A: Absolutely! I feel like my story was kind of untold. I left the show on my own accord and I would like to think that you haven’t heard the rest of Sam Provenzano.


Q: Would you be the “Prince Charming” next season if asked?

A: I’ve been asked that a lot actually. Sure, i’d be open to that! The show is really about the people in the house though. I think people like to see me interacting with the people and keeping everyone in line and calling people out.


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