Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming

Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming? Not So Fast!

Skinny Shaming?

Yesterday, we revealed that Real Housewives of Orange County Kelly Dodd had fat shamed a fan who had criticized her (read about that here). In the wake of Dodd’s fat shaming, she criticized fellow castmate Shannon Beador for skinny shaming a fan last night. So did Beador skinny shame a fan? Not so much. Read on for details.

Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming? Not So Fast!

Dodd posted the following on Instagram:

Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming

As you can see in the post, Dodd was accusing Beador of skinny shaming after she called a fan a “skinny asshole.”

Beador took to her Facebook (and posted the above) to explain that, “I have stayed on the ‘high road’ this season of RHOC as certain cast members have said very hurtful and viscous things about me and my family on social media. This time I am going to speak up.”

This is a screen shot of something posted by Kelly Dodd,” Beador continued. “This Twitter follower tweeted to me ‘Hey fatty, congrats on stirring the pot by telling Tamra what Kelly said,’ on Monday night.”

Beador went on to explain that, “I have gained weight and despite all my efforts, it isn’t coming off. You will see it on the reunion. I responded to him to defend myself– not only about his fat shaming, but to say that one of my best friends asked me a question about Kelly and I told her the truth bec I do not lie. I would have expected the same from Tamra if the tables were turned.”

“As you can see,” Beador added, “this person responded to my tweet with a very well mannered and classy response. Not. And to continue— my not so good friend Kelly was outed today for fat shaming one of her Instagram followers. I was a victim of fat shaming on Monday night and I absolutely feel for the poor viewer that was slammed by Kelly today when she said ‘Put the fork down. You kid is going to be embarrassed by you’, on her own Instagram page. Kelly’s comment is fat shaming and a hideous statement on so many levels.”

Beador wrapped with saying, “Has Vicki been instructing her puppet Kelly on the art of deflection that she thinks she has perfected??? Not working this time. Check in with me when you are 52 Kelly bec I have been thin all my life and then something happened…”

We 100% support Beador here. What she did was respond to someone who offensively came at her in a negative manner critiquing her body. Beador didn’t have a fan who made a “negative comment about the show” and then slam them for being a “skinny ass” like Dodd did with her fat shaming comment; rather, Beador had a fan insult her weight, so she responded back. There is a key difference. Also, to note, Beador didn’t seek out the person’s personal page and start commenting on things there like Dodd did.

For what it’s worth, we think Beador looks amazing and think nothing is wrong with her body.

Tamra Judge also jumped in to support Beador, posting the following:

Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming Shannon Beador Skinny Shaming

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