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Jenelle Evans- I Wish I Wasn’t Pregnant

Say What?

While Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans confirmed she was pregnant with her third child quite some time ago (read about that here), this week Evans has claimed she wishes she wasn’t pregnant. What led her to say this? Read on for details.

Jenelle Evans Pregnant Wishes She Wasn’t

With all of the storms that have been going on in the South and Haiti, Evans posted a news article and stated, “My prayers are with everyone effected by the hurricane! This washed up on my hometown beach, Oak Island. Where my story began…

She then added that, “I wish I wasn’t pregnant at the moment so I was able to go volunteer and help these people in Florida and Haiti. Really breaks my heart!”

Here are copies of the tweets:

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

Jenelle Evans Pregnant

While the sentiments seem nice, we can’t say with certainty based on what we know and have seen of Evans if she’d actually be volunteering if she wasn’t pregnant.

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