Kelly Dodd Jewish Comment

Kelly Dodd- I Meant My Jewish Comment As A Compliment

Complimentary Comment?

This past week on The Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw Kelly Dodd tell Heather Dubrow she should have a “better sense of humor” because “she’s Jewish.” Dubrow obviously took offense to this, as did the other Housewives. Dodd took to her Bravo blog to address the comments. What did she have to say?

Kelly Dodd Jewish Comment Meant As Compliment

“When I said that I thought Heather would have a better sense of humor because she’s Jewish,” Dodd wrote, “it was because my frame of reference at the time was my Jewish family and friends (all of who have a great sense of humor), and the multitude of famous Jewish comedians and comedy writers that I love.”

“I am sure I offended Heather and a lot of Jewish viewers and for that I am truly sorry,” Dodd added. “I meant it was a compliment, not an insult.”

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