Teresa Wanted Kim D On Show First To Come At Jacqueline Exclusive

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On The Real Housewives of New JerseyTeresa Giudice and Kim DePaola – better known as “Kim D”- were always great friends. However, after this week’s episode where DePaola mentioned Giudice’s husband’s alleged cheating, Giudice and DePaola seem to be on the outs. While Giudice addressed why she claims to be on the outs with DePaola in her Bravo blog this week, we have learned the real reason. Read on for exclusive info.

Teresa Kim D Wanted On Show To Go At Jacqueline Exclusive

In her Bravo blog, Giudice wrote, “I’m also done with Kim D. After seeing her stir the pot at her fashion show again? I always gave her the benefit of the doubt, but I finally got my answer. I’m glad I got to see her true colors for myself.”

Giudice added that, “I also thought it was interesting that she decided to bring me and Joe up while she was on camera and at the fashion show. Why do you have to sit at a fashion show with a bunch of women and talk about me and my husband? Why couldn’t she tell me she heard these things in private – to face? Because she becomes relevant talking about me, that’s why.”

An exclusive insider we spoke to told us that Giudice’s claims couldn’t be further from the truth!

“First of all,” our source told us, “Teresa was mad at Kim long before this scene was shot.”

Why was Giudice mad at DePaola?

According to our insider, “Teresa asked Kim to come back on the show WAY before Kim did. Specifically, she asked her to come on to attack Jacqueline Laurita. When Kim refused to do so, that’s when Teresa had no use for her.”

“It’s the same old pattern of Teresa wanting a soldier to do her dirty work,” our source insisted. “When Kim said no, Teresa felt like she had no use for her, and was done with her in her life.”

“As far as the cheating conversation,” our insider added, “Kim wasn’t the one to initially bring up the cheating at the table that night, regardless of what you saw on camera.”

Our source wrapped with telling us that, “Teresa knows the real person who brought up the cheating at the table that night and hasn’t confronted her because she doesn’t want to know the truth.”

This is all very juicy information, and we have a feeling that some of this is definitely going to play a factor in next season (read more about that here).

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