TJ Doyle Unconditional

TJ Doyle Unconditional Single Review

Great Song!

One of the things I love most about every Friday is that new music is released on iTunes. I enjoy all sorts of music, from rock to rap to oldies and everything in between. I also have a soft spot for singer-songwriters, as I enjoy an artist who can tug at your heartstrings with thought provoking content. I was excited to learn that b, a singer who has garnered comparisons to the legendary Neil Young was releasing a new single, “Unconditional.” So is the song worth checking out? Read on for details.

TJ Doyle Unconditional Single Review

The song begins with the sounds of rocky guitars and drums, but you can immediately tell there is going to be an emotional undertone to the song.

When Doyle started singing, I could see the Neil Young comparison, but also heard parts of his voice that reminded me of Bob Dylan.

I also enjoyed the theme of the song, that “love is power” and it should be “unconditional.”

The only downside to the song in my opinion was that, at times, the lyrics were a bit trite for my liking, especially when Doyle sang, “What’s in your mind? What makes you kind?” Rather than sounding like a mature singer-songwriter, these lyrics came off a bit more Dr. Seuss; however, the song as a whole was still strong enough for them not to bother me that much.

Overall, with “Unconditional,” TJ Doyle has released a song that is definitely worth checking out.

Check it out here and be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments below:

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