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RHONJ Producer Talks Heartbreaking Episode Shot On iPhone


While people have sometimes criticized reality TV for being fake/staged, a producer who works on The Real Housewives of New Jersey recently took to Instagram to comment on that. Specifically, she discussed just how real RHONJ’s last episode was. What did she have to say?

RHONJ Producer Talks Heartbreaking Episode Shot On iPhone

A producer named Tess Gamboa Meyers, known on Instagram as @tessinstagramboa, posted the following picture:

RHONJ Producer

With the picture she wrote, “Say what you want about whether reality TV is real, or whether Housewives are human — but tonight’s episode was a heartbreaker.”

We shot most of it on our iPhones to give the family some privacy and being with them during these times was one of the hardest things to witness,” she continued.

She added that, “Cast member or tabloid cover controversy aside, we took the girls to Starbucks and soccer practice, we were up for 48 hours straight, and we felt for them as a mother, as a parent, as a daughter, as a friend.”

“Much love to the G & G famiglia @teresagiudice @melissagorga @joeygorga,” Meyers wrapped with saying, “and thanks to my fellow iPhone shooters @jcarolineself @jch0919 and my #crewfamily for coverage with compassion, heart and soul. #RHONJ #bravotv @bravoandy.”

This definitely is an interesting post, as it confirms major parts of this past week’s episode were shot on an iPhone. In addition, we applaud how sensitive the producers were to these tough moments for the Giudice family.

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